Sunday, September 5, 2010

    Hey everyone, If you are visiting this page right now u either got really bored or, u saw some of my work and got inspired to come and see who this artist was behind the drawings, and that i appreciate with all sincerity. I first off have to say art has been my personal escape from life, I always loved to draw what i felt about anything and anyone. I never officially taken art classes that "taught" me how to draw, i always just had some raw talent and strong emotions. Growing up in a pretty decent art inclined family kept me going, because my dad, sisters, and brother are artists, but now they all quit except me and my brother. He and i both struggle because we lack the motivation, but i found a spark or two and decided to actually put my skills at work.
   Now i been drawing for years and years, no i am no professional and am no were near as good as 90% of the artist out in the world, but i would still see no harm in showing and expressing my works to what ever .00001% part of the world that would enjoy my blogs. My main medium is regular 7H-8B pencils, and paper, i never have indulged myself into colors but really want to get into them because a lot of emotion can be expressed through a simple color or mix of colors.
   For example, lets say i had a drawing that was of a kid in a mid skip on a sidewalk its at ground level aiming up at him and he has a smile on his face. Now if u saw that picture in black and white shaded well and had a gradient shaded background with black radiating from behind him, we would perceive it as being just a happy picture. Now imagine that same picture but with the white background shaded with red... that makes it gruesome and disturbed. Now imagine it yellow, then it would be happy and alive! See? those are single powers of colors and i have yet to tap into those.
   So throughout years...i am not sure yet i am hoping to post a blog a month on a work of art and pretty much "critique" it. I will be telling you what i used to do it, how long it took, what had inspired me to draw/paint it, and most importantly, I will be explaining to you what part of my life i poured into that work of art and what i feel each part of the drawing meant.
   Well now with all of that being said, i really hope u follow me and make my art adventure fun  because i enjoy feed back more than like anything! An artist cannot blossom w/o curious eyes and minds. Thank you for visiting my page, this is the Art Breaker, i will been seeing you soon!!